Do You Know that Sharing a Photo of Your Toddler’s Car Seat Could Save a Life?

Do You Know that Sharing a Photo of Your Toddler’s Car Seat Could Save a Life?

In a world full of mom-shaming and casting stones, many of us shy away from dishing out unsolicited parenting advice to our fellow moms … even if it could save a baby’s life. But a new study reveals a pretty serious disconnect among parents when it comes to car seat safety and the importance of keeping kids rear-facing, and it just might inspire you to speak up — or at least participate in a social media campaign to help start the conversation.



The baby brand Chicco recently released data from a survey conducted in December 2016 that found many of the 500 US participants turn silent when it comes to speaking up about the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendation to keep children rear-facing until age 2. Though 84 percent of parents say they have no trouble letting other moms and dads know when they’re putting a child in harm’s way, close to three in four admit they feel uncomfortable discussing why kids should ride rear-facing until age 2  — even though more than half of parents said they’re aware of the AAP’s advice.

As Chicco notes, kids who remain rear-facing until age 2 are five times safer. That’s why the brand created the TurnAfter2 campaign, which aims to encourage much-needed discussion about car seat safety. Chicco is asking parents to share photos of their kids in rear-facing car seats, using the hashtag #TurnAfter2. The hope is that this will remove the shaming aspect from the conversation and inspire more moms and dads to follow suit.



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